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To: Paul van Heerwaarden, CEO of Bega Cheese

Bega: Give dairy workers a fair deal!

We are the striking workers of Bega Cheese in Bentley, WA. Stop ignoring us and give us a fair wage offer. You pushed us to raise production during COVID and we all sacrificed to keep up with demand, now we are being ignored. Bega workers and our families are struggling to survive while company profits grow.

Why is this important?

We are among the lowest paid Dairy workers. Bega workers in Victoria are paid up to $10 per hour more than us. If our wage does not at least keep up with the cost of living we will struggle to stay afloat over the next few years. We are not only striking for workers at Bega, we are fighting for the next generation and doing our bit to make sure workers in WA get a fair share of corporate profits.


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