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To: Paul van Heerwaarden, CEO of Bega Cheese

I will #BinBega until dairy workers get a fair deal!

We are the striking workers of Bega Cheese. Bega claims to care about workers in Australia, but they won't listen to us and give us a fair wage offer. You pushed us to raise production during COVID and we all sacrificed to keep up with demand, now we are being ignored. Bega workers and our families are struggling to survive while company profits grow.

Sign our petition and pledge to BIN BEGA until they give us a fair deal!

Why is this important?

While Bega bosses cry poor and claim an increase in wages would be untenable, they are out lining the pockets of wealthy shareholders, increasing dividends to shareholders by 10 per cent last financial year. The CEO Paul van Heerwaarden’s salary saw an 18 per cent increase last year, despite not meeting his performance targets. Bega is not struggling. It recorded profits of well over $20 million last year even though it spent a lot of money on its continuing expansion.

We are not only striking for workers at the Bega, we are fighting for the next generation and doing our bit to ensure workers in WA get a fair share of corporate profits.



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