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To: Prime Minister and Immigration Minister


To the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister,

Mounting evidence – from doctors, lawyers, and now the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea – has shown your policy of mandatory offshore detention is immoral, abusive and illegal.

It has never been clearer that the camps on Manus Island and Nauru must be closed, and the people who have suffered in them be treated with compassion and dignity.

Please take this opportunity to do the right thing by those the Australian government has imprisoned for years, and allow them to start rebuilding their lives in safety, in our communities.

Bring them here.

Why is this important?

The Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea has ruled that detaining people in Australia's abusive Manus Island camp is illegal.

What does it mean? That according to PNG's own constitution the Australian government has been imprisoning people illegally for over three years in abusive conditions – and they must be freed.

This is the latest blow to Australia's abusive detention regime, and together we can make it the one that topples it over, letting us build compassion and dignity in its place.

The governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia are going to be deciding right now how to deal with this ruling. Legally, they might have a few options – but morally, there's only one. The camp must be closed, and everyone we illegally imprisoned brought here.

And the same is true for the detention camp on Nauru.

#LetThemStay showed that more people than ever supported allowing people seeking asylum already in Australia to move into our communities. Now, we must prove definitively that our shared compassion extends to those on Manus Island and Nauru.

While the government is scrambling for a response to this ruling, we need to say loud and clear that the people we have imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru should be brought here to safety, and the camps closed forever. Will you sign the petition to #BringThemHere?


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