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To: Allan Hood, CEO of Bulla

Bulla worker sacked for requesting a full time job!

This campaign has ended.

Bulla Cold Store, Derrimut - honor your agreement, Frankie deserves a permanent job!

Why is this important?

Every worker deserves a secure job they can count on. But even when a collective agreement provides for casual conversion, companies like Bulla ignore and break the rules.

Frankie had been a loyal employee at Bulla’s Derrimut cold store , employed as a casual and working full time hours every day for 12 months.

He had been told by Bulla that after 6 months work, he would be made permanent in line with the EBA conditions.

Having a young family to support, this was very important to Frankie.

After 6 months of casual work had passed Frankie asked for conversion. He was ignored. After waiting for 12 months he spoke to the delegate, and management finally handed him a contract.

The offer was for a seasonal short term role, not the full time job he was entitled to. Frankie was given just 48 hours to sign the contract. The following day he politely raised the issue.
Bulla’s response?

'We are no longer offering you a contract, and your employment is terminated effective immediately.'
He was escorted off site past his shocked workmates for asking a fair question.

Stand united in support with Frankie and against companies that have too much power - all workers deserve a job they can count on!

How it will be delivered

Email will be sent to Allan Hood, Bulla CEO


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