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To: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Cancel Trimesters

Cancel Trimesters

We the undersigned demand UNSW Management CANCEL TRIMESTERS. We demand a mid-term break, longer exam stuvac, and reduced workloads for students and staff. We say no to online learning, no to quantitive benchmarks for staff, and no to 'Fit to Sit'. We demand a return to faculty-based student support.

Why is this important?

After a term of trimesters, it is clearer than ever that this change is detrimental to UNSW staff and students. Students cannot learn effectively under such tight time constraints, and our teachers are struggling with the increased workload. UNSW management should be more concerned with the wellbeing of its students and its workers than the size of their profits. We the undersigned call on UNSW Management to CANCEL TRIMESTERS.

Reasons for signing

  • There is absolutely no consideration for students with provisions who have disabilities. I had no break between trimester 1 and 2 and many of my assignments and exams overlap
  • We need UNSW to understand that the students ' voices do matter and play an important role in the future of this university. UNSW is an organisation that is money driven which is sad because our education will shape the future of this planet meaning that it shouldn't go to waste. Unsw needs to do something quick or else it's reputation will decline.
  • There is no way that the 3+ calendar approach helps teaching staff or students.


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