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To: Natasha Myring-Plumb, Head of HR

Coca Cola: Don't freeze our wages!

After months of negotiating, Coca-Cola in WA has put out an agreement that is a total fizzer! Coca Cola wants to FREEZE our pay for the first year, with a 0% pay rise, and then low pay rises of only 2%, 1.5% and 1.5% for some workers. This four year agreement locks in unfair conditions, that allow managers to pick and choose who earns more and who misses out, and they have refused to address ANY of our reasonable claims.

Please let Coca Cola know you support our fight to stop the wage freeze and for a FAIR offer that considers our claims!

Why is this important?

Coca Cola is one of the biggest and most profitable brands in the WORLD. They can afford a fair pay rise for hard working manufacturing workers like us! We have worked loyally for the company for years, we deserve a fair pay rise.


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