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To: Allianz

Don't celebrate screwing over injured workers

After a meeting with Allianz, Gerald's claim for compensation, and the costs of his much-needed surgery, have been won.

Allianz have also agreed -- in writing -- to stop celebrating and rewarding the termination of injured workers' claims.

But Gerald is not alone, many other workers have experienced this as well. So we're going to keep fighting mean and dodgy insurance companies who try to deny worker's their entitlements.

Allianz, stop rewarding staff for terminating injured workers’ compensation.

Emails from Allianz made public by the Victorian Ombudsman show management congratulating staff who had "achieved their termination target" and were "top terminator" or top deny/rejector" of insurance claims.

This is people's lives you're talking about here.

Why is this important?

Insurance companies offer their staff financial incentives if they can figure out a way to avoid paying for injured workers' costs. They celebrate "wins" when they can deny -- or delay -- workers compensation. They even hold an awards ceremony each year to celebrate their success.

But while they celebrate, injured workers are contemplating suicide.

Insurance agents are dealing in human misery. We need to stop rewarding them for it.

I lost my arm and was almost killed while working on a crusher at work. I had to break my own arm and use the broken bone to rip my arm off, in order to save my life.

But that was still not as bad as the process of trying to get my insurance claim sorted.

If you're seriously injured at work, you don't want the person assessing your compensation claim to get a cash bonus and a prize to turn you down. But that's what's happening.



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