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Don't Steal Our Super

ANZ should pass on the .5% increase, and all future legislated increases to Superannuation *on top of* base pay for all employees. ANZ should immediately scrap plans to have employees on certain contract types fund the mandated Superannuation increase out of their own pockets.

Why is this important?

The Superannuation contributions of all Australians are legislated to increase from 9.5% to 10% on July 1 this year, and then rise 0.5 per cent each year, until they reach 12% by 2025.

These increases were legislated in 2012 to ensure that Superannuation remained at a sustainable rate that was fit for purpose.

Superannuation – no matter the rate - has always been required to be paid as a percentage of, and on top of your pay.

ANZ have signaled their intention to make use of a loophole in some of their employment contracts to avoid passing on the legally mandated increase to employees.

In fact, they’re going to make employees fund the increase themselves.

It's not right, and they ought to reconsider. They can certainly afford to do the right thing.

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