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To: The Fair Work Commission

DON’T DELAY OUR PAY RISE: Wages cannot go backwards

DON’T DELAY OUR PAY RISE: Wages cannot go backwards

This year, we’re calling for a 5.5% wage increase for office and admin workers in the National Wage Case.

A 5.5% increase to the minimum wage would lift wages for 1 in 4 workers who receive the minimum wage or receive an Award wage.

The Australian Services Union is also calling on the Morrison Government to support a real wage rise too.

Supporting our case would mean workers are better off. Remember, improving the minimum wage benefits all of us.

Without a real pay rise delivered now, our wages will continue to go backwards.

Why is this important?

Australia has a cost-of-living crisis.

Rent, petrol, food, childcare, are all going up. Inflation is rising. Slow wage growth is fast outstripping the increased cost of living and workers are feeling the pressure.

Our claim for a 5.5% rise to the minimum wage is needed for Australian workers to keep their heads above water.

The Annual Wage Review is the ONLY guaranteed wage increase anywhere in the economy.

Your pay rise only comes about from union members coming together to win what we need and deserve.

A meaningful pay rise will allow us to finally keep up with the cost of living.

ASU member, Harvey, says it all: “When you’re paying rent, bills and food with the entirety of your wage, an additional $40 per week would go a long way.”

Make sure you have your say in your wage increase – get involved and join the union to win the pay increase you need.

All workers deserve the chance to plan for the future.

And we cannot afford another delay.


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