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To: Malcolm Turnbull

Don't let Alcoa sink Aussie Seafaring

Malcolm Turnbull: Take responsibility for safeguarding Australian jobs. Reverse the decision to allow Alcoa to replace the MV Portland and its crew of Aussie Seafarers with a foreign ship. Reverse the sell-out of Australian seafaring along the Australian coast!

Why is this important?

40 Victorian families have been let down by the Federal Government. The product carried by the MV Portland between Portland, Victoria and Kwinana, Western Australia is:
- Mined in Australia
- Refined in Australia
- Transported exclusively in Australia
This is AUSTRALIAN COASTAL TRADE pure and simple.

If these jobs aren't safeguarded, what job in Australia is safe?

We need to back in our people and our skills, and ensure companies that profit from Australian wealth also support Aussie communities and people.




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Bribes on the high seas, $1.14 an hour base rates - can you believe this is happening in Australia? SHARE this article and let you friends know what Malcolm Turnbull is letting happen to local shipping jobs:

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This koala is on board with the campaign!

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Malcolm Turnbull's attempt to sink Aussie seafaring got rejected by the Senate today, but the Liberals are still exploiting a temporary loophole to replace Australian shipping crews with exploited foreign labour.
Bottom line? If you want a future for Australian shipping, you have to act now to protect it! Keep sharing the petition :)

2015-11-24 14:42:28 +1100

Check out this question Dale put to the Government on #QandA

2015-11-23 17:31:04 +1100

The crew aboard the MV Portland have been refusing to sail the ship to Singapore where they will be marched down the gangway to make way for a group of foreign seafarers, who will be flown in to Australia to take their job. - See more at:

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