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To: Monica Barone, CEO of City of Sydney Council

Don’t make workers pay for City of Sydney management’s payroll mistakes

We, the undersigned, call on Monica Barone, CEO and City of Sydney council senior management to:

1. Stop demanding former workers pay back money paid to them because of management’s mistake
2. Confirm correct leave balances for all workers
3. Replenish leave balances of workers who were forced to take leave when they didn’t need to

Why is this important?

Many City of Sydney employees have been negatively affected by council’s payroll mistake, yet to date, council has not taken any responsibility.

Upon leaving the council, former employees are being asked to pay back money paid to them as a result of the payroll error. Current employees have been ordered to take leave when they didn’t need to or had their leave balances fall into deficit incorrectly.

The USU, the union for all council workers in NSW, are taking the City to the Industrial Relations Commission on 25 August 2022 to try and compel the city to fix their mistake.

Stand with us and the workers of City of Sydney council by signing this petition.




2022-08-29 11:20:17 +1000

The Industrial Relations Commission hearing happened on Thursday afternoon.
Unfortunately, the matter remains unresolved, due to City of Sydney’s unwillingness to meet our requests.
We aren’t giving up (and neither should you!), so we’ll be going back to Commission on Monday 19 September.
In the meantime – keep sharing this petition and keep spreading the word. There’s strength in numbers.

2022-08-24 05:53:39 +1000

100 signatures reached

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