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To: David Coleman, Minister for Immigration & Citizenship

Don't privatise our visa system!

David Coleman and the Liberals want to sell Australia’s visa system to the private sector.

I came to Australia in 1976. There are lots of reasons people migrate to Australia. Some a lot harder than others but it is still hard for us all. When I came here visas were affordable and it was easy for me to apply for citizenship. I have worked hard so my children and grandchildren have a good future here.

We can’t let the Liberals privatise our visa system.

We’ve already seen the impact of privatisation on the visa system in the UK. Visa costs have doubled in price. You get charged money just to send an email or make a phone call to the immigration department. Families are having visas rejected due to mistakes and having to fork out more and more money just to apply for a visa.

I am worried about the impact that selling off our visa system will have on me and my community. Visa costs are already so high. Increasing them further will hurt migrants and keep us apart from our families unnecessarily, just to let a private company make more profit. We can’t let this happen.

Sign my petition to send a message to the Liberals: don’t privatise our visa system.

Why is this important?

This work should be done by public servants who are highly trained and experienced, not private companies who just want to make a profit.

Time and time again the Liberals put profits before people and the good of our nation. You can’t trust the Liberals with our public services.

Tell the Liberals that you don’t want to see Australia’s immigration system become more expensive and more difficult for migrant families like mine – sign the petition now.


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