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To: Tim Pallas, Victorian Treasurer

Don't Sell Out VicRoads Workers

Don't Sell Out VicRoads Workers

We call on Treasurer Tim Pallas and Acting Premier James Merlino to guarantee VicRoads will remain exclusively in public hands and that VicRoads workers will keep their secure public sector jobs.

Why is this important?

Disgracefully the Andrews Labor Government has announced they plan to enter into a "joint venture" (ie privatisation) of VicRoads.

VicRoads workers need your support!

However you spin it, this will put jobs, wages and conditions at risk. We could also see big increases in registration costs, the closure of customer service centres, and your data made available to the private sector.

ASU members have told us repeatedly that remaining in the public sector is the most important issue to them. It is important that these wishes are heard throughout this process, and we don’t have a Labor government forcing workers out of these good secure jobs.

We call on the Government to halt this process, and to ensure all VicRoads workers remain in the public sector and do not pay the price for successive Government failures to deal with an ageing IT system.

Victoria, Australia

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