To: Minister for Health

Protect Public Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging services such as X-Ray, CT, MRI and Ultrasound play a vital role in the healthcare of South Australians. High quality, timely and accessible medical imaging in our public hospitals is integral to a first class health system.

But now the state government wants to privatise some of these services.

We call on the Minister for Health Jack Snelling to stop the privatisation of medical imaging in the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Why is this important?

Your radiographers, sonographers, medical physicists and radiologists are the imaging professionals who provide the services that allow for quick and accurate diagnosis that leads to timely and effective treatment.

They tell us that privatising medical imaging services in the new RAH will put profits before patients, lead to patients having to make expensive trips to other services, put staff and patients safety at risk, deskill our health professionals and lower the quality of services provided to the community.

South Australians have paid over $2 billion for a new state of the art hospital and they should have free access to medical imaging no matter how frail they are and how complex their conditions.

It is time for Minister Jack Snelling to stand up for South Australians and protect public imaging.

Reasons for signing

  • we used to have one of the best public health services in the world - more and more it is becoming only for those who can afford it.
  • this is a public service and there are not many people that can afford to pay for this service
  • Everyone deserves the right to affordable medical scans


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