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To: The Australian Government

End Illegal Asbestos Imports

The Government must support the interim recommendations of the inquiry into non-conforming building products to stop illegal asbestos imports. Australians know the dangers of asbestos and the devastating effect it can have on workers, families and communities.

Countries in our region look to Australia to be a global leader in best practice in the movement to ban asbestos. But the only way to make sure thousands of illegal imports don't end up in Australia each year is to make sure it's banned everywhere.

Asbestos. Not here. Not anywhere.

Why is this important?

Asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003 however every week illegal asbestos imports are stopped at our border. Some new asbestos products are also still making their way into our communities and workplaces in the form of building materials, car parts, children’s crayons and even home decorations. Once they inside Australia, it’s hard to detect them and then hard to get them removed without strong government regulation and enforcement.

As long as countries in our region such as China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, India and Cambodia continue to manufacture asbestos products, we will continue to get illegal imports.

Asbestos isn’t safe at any level of exposure. That’s why we’re supporting campaigns to ban asbestos throughout our region.

In November 2017 the Senate Inquiry into Non-Conforming Building Products delivered an interim report into illegal asbestos imports. The recommendations included:

• The Australian Government supporting asbestos bans internationally
• Increased prosecutions and penalties for illegal imports
• A whole of Government approach to ending illegal asbestos imports
• Funding for the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency
• More education and training on illegal asbestos imports
• Funding to adequately screen imports
• Compulsory recalls for consumer products containing asbestos

The Liberal and Nationals members of the Inquiry called the recommendations ‘overreach’. Though a response has been due since May, the Government is yet to respond.

We’re calling on the Government to support the recommendations of the inquiry, will you join us?

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