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To: The Federal Government

End wage theft in the NDIS

NDIS workers provide invaluable support to millions of people living with a disability. But many of these workers are getting ripped off and underpaid for the work they do.

Up to 1 in 10 unscrupulous employers have been deliberately misclassifying up to 30,000 NDIS workers as home care workers, which has a lower award rate – ripping off workers by up to $16,000 per year. This means that some dodgy employers are paying workers as little as $24 per hour while claiming the full NDIS price of $33 per hour, with the employer pocketing the difference. This is wage theft.

We need to close this loophole and stamp out dodgy practices in the NDIS that rip off workers, taxpayers, and people with disability. We need the Government and NDIA to stand with workers and support our case to end wage theft and fraud in the NDIS, to help make the NDIS the best it can be.

Why is this important?

NDIS support workers are highly skilled and dedicated. They provide essential, complex support that empowers people with a disability and develops their independence. Wage theft and fraud in the NDIS, which could be up to $16,000 annually per worker, and more if they do extra hours, is a serious problem demanding immediate action.

The disability support workforce is predominantly female. This wage theft disproportionately hurts women and makes the shamefully wide gender pay gap even worse. Governments have funded the NDIS to pay Equal Pay to all disability support workers. Valuing this skilled profession is crucial if we are committed to closing the gender pay gap.

ASU members know a strong NDIS hinges on properly valuing its workforce. Dedicated, skilled and professional workers should not be paid wages as low as $24 per hour. Their work deserves proper recognition, and this underpayment weakens the entire system. 

Stamping out NDIS wage theft and fraud benefits everyone. Workers receive fair pay, taxpayers' funds are used efficiently, and NDIS participants benefit from a motivated, professional workforce.  We need an NDIS workforce that is properly paid, trained and supported to build the best NDIS. It is vital for the future of the NDIS, for recipients, taxpayers, and workers, that we end this exploitation immediately.

Join us in demanding fair pay for NDIS workers! Sign our petition today.




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