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To: Premier Daniel Andrews, Consumer Affairs Minister Danny Pearson, La Trobe University Chancellor John Brumby, La Trobe University Vice-Chancellor John Dewar


Unlike private renters, Victorian students in university provided accommodation are not covered by the Rental Tenancies Act. In practice, this means common issues such as changing a light globe, fixing a sink or a guarantee of cleanliness, are not covered by law. The issue can become more complex for students who must qualify for on residence accommodation, are at risk of immediate fee changes or face eviction with 48 hours’ notice.

The La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) is calling on all university and private student accommodation to be secure, safe, affordable and well maintained. The LTSU’s Knowing Your Rights campaign calls for:

1. All Victorian private and university provided accommodation to meet Victoria’s Consumer Affairs basic minimum and amenities standards.
2. La Trobe University students renting in university provided accommodation to be awarded the same rights as all other renters in Victoria.
3. Until the law is changed for students in university accommodation, La Trobe University should adopt the provisions of the Rental Tenancies Act for students in their properties.
4. Bonds for students living in La Trobe accommodation must be held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA), not the university or its subsidiaries.
5. For La Trobe university to guarantee 20% of their unoccupied accommodation as emergency accommodation to students.

Housing is a human right, and everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered at home.

Why is this important?

Without minimum living standards that is protected by legislation, students are able to be easily exploited by universities and private accommodation providers.
There is also no protections of the student's bond being returned in an adequate amount of time.
Housing is a human right, and everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered at home.
Victoria, Australia

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