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To: The Andrews Labor Government

Australian Services Union community sector members are ESSENTIAL not Expendable

As work within the not-for-profit community services sector becomes more complex, employment conditions are becoming less secure. This has to change.

With an increased expectation of tertiary qualifications, bigger workloads with less support, and jobs declared as essential to get us through a once in 100 year global pandemic this sector deserves security.

Insecure employment, including fixed term and casual employment, is now rife across the not-for-profit community services sector - especially for new starters or those moving between employers.
ASU members are fighting for greater employment security in the community services sector.

Why is this important?

ASU members in the sector are calling on the Andrews state government to work with the ASU to implement the following reforms;

1. Secure Employment
a. Set as a condition of funding that community sector agencies engage their staff as on-going staff rather than fixed term, other than for genuine fixed term staff leave replacements.
b. Casual employment to only be used for genuine casual vacancies.

2. Workplace Fairness
a. Set as a condition of funding that community sector agencies:
i. Be bound by a codified DFFH dispute process similar to the COVID-19 dispute process
ii. Have a family violence policy approved between the DFFH, ASU and the community sector
iii. Agree to allow the ASU to access staff as part of the agencies’ induction process

3. Longer Funding Terms
a. The government to fund agencies for at least 5 year terms as part of each program ( other than genuine pilot programs).

4. Sector Sustainability and Reform
a. The state government should establish and resource a community sector sustainability and reform committee chaired by the lead Minister and with members including the ASU and DFFH community sector peaks.
b. The committee should have oversight of;
i. Sector wide workforce issues / requirements
ii. Sector wide training issues / requirements

Please sign the petition to tell the Andrews government that essential community service workers are not expendable!



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