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To: Ed Husic, Shadow Minister for Employment Services

Establish Senate Inquiry Into Job Agencies

Establish Senate Inquiry Into Job Agencies

Ed Husic, as the shadow Minister for employment Services, we need you to stand up against the bullying job agency system and push for a senate inquiry into the punitive and unregulated $10 billion industry.

Send the Minister an email asking him to hold bullying agencies to account and stand up for the 900,000 Australians using the job agency system. Tell him your story about your experience with your job agency.

Why is this important?

The $10 billion employment services system is one of the biggest and most socially destructive rorts ever perpetuated against a Federal government

Every day, private job agencies bully unemployed workers into attending dangerous Work for the Dole sites and other unfair activities in order to make a quick buck.

Unemployed workers who refuse to be bullied into one of these unfair activities are penalised.

During 2015/16, job agencies imposed a record 2,114,291 million penalties on unemployed workers - up from 311,622 in 2011.

Many penalties are unfair - 37.5% of unemployed workers who appealed against a penalty had it overturned by Centrelink. Since 2011, the rate of job agency decisions overturned by Centrelink has increased by 15% - a clear sign the system is broken.

The failure of the government to regulate the industry and penalise abusive job agencies has created a culture of fear and intimidation throughout the industry.

The suffering endured by the 900,000 unemployed workers participating in this system is incalculable

The death of Josh Park Fing at his Work for the Dole site in Toowoomba - one of the 64% of WFTD sites that do not meet basic safety standards - is a product of this punitive and broken system.

The punitive job agencies system must be addressed immediately.

A Senate inquiry is the first step. The ALP has the power to make this happen.

Reasons for signing

  • I have 3 local locations to choose from for my WFTD activities. I cannot attend 2/3 because of my allergies and was kicked out for suggesting a more efficient methodology. Luckily I had one location left, I didn't like this place very much because I'm always cleaning, cleaning all day is meaningless. However I was told "It's not a matter of whether you like it or not, i'll just have to stop your payments". This ISN'T a mutual obligation, it's a forced contract sugar coated.
  • Matchworks continuosly asks me for payslips, They made me an appointment for 12.30, I asked if they could make it later because I have to work at 6pm and don't want to waste petrol.I asked if I could get a petrol card and they said no because I am working. I am a casual,then they say if you bring in your payslips I will get you a petrol card! I had the same problem with Madec so finally changed providers and now Matchworks is being pushie and bullying me. Now I'm feeling extremely anxious.
  • I like to see the Labor hire mobs hire small business to help create jobs opportunity's​ and training opportunitys.


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