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To: Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Fair Go for Pensioners!

Fair Go for Pensioners is a no-profit coalition of community-based organisations and individuals advocating for social justice and pensioners and other low-income groups such as single parents with their children and the unemployed marginalised by financial hardship or poverty and inequality.

Fair Go for Pensioners advocates for and mobilises pensioners, single parents with their children, the unemployed and other low income groups and their supporters to gain significant improvements in income and related services for those living in poverty or financial hardship.

Why is this important?

Fair Go for Pensioners calls on our respective ministers and parliamentarians to recognise the significant hardship facing pensioners and other people on low income as they struggle with the rising cost of living issues and urge the Federal Government to commit to national policies to reduce poverty and inequality.

Fair Go for Pensioners reference to "pensioners" means all those receiving income support payments and payments to families provided by the Federal Government and administered by Centrelink.

Fair Go for Pensioners call on the Federal Government to:

1. Increase the age pension rate from 27.7% to 35% of male total average weekly earnings (MTAWE).

2. Adopt quality indexation for all income support payments using age pension indexation measures.

3. Increase over the median term (i.e. 4 years) all single case rates of publicly funded income support payments from 27.7% to 35% MTAWE.

4. Prioritise over the longer term (i.e. 7 years) a publicly provided decent living income for pensioners.

5. Raise the inadequate Newstart Allowance to at least $100 per week for the singles basic rate as a matter of urgency.

6. Revert retirement age to 65 years of age and not continue to increase to 67 years by 1 July 2023.

7. Outline plans to achieve zero hunger so that everyone in Australia has enough safe and nutritious food to thrive.

8. Implement a new Affordable Housing Agreement to include for renters the growth of affordable public housing at 25% rent to total household income.

9. Increase Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) maximum rate for retirees renting by at least $30 a week for couples and $50 for single - dis-proportionally women - and that CRA be indexed to housing costs not CPI.

10. Ensure pensions/alowances are not restricted due to overseas travel to visit loved ones.

11. Prioritise improved healthcare measures for all people on low incomes. An expanded range of culturally appropriate medical services are delivered for free or at lower cost under the publicly administered Medicare system including optional, hearing and pharmaceutical service and free care as a public patient in a public hospital.

12. Conduct and subside for healthcare card holders an awareness campaign to increase knowledge of medical supplies.

13. Establish and fund Medicare a free national public dental care system for all pensioners and other in low incomes.

14. Increase significantly the level of funding for aged care services and extend services to meet growing demand in this area.

15. Enact tough legislation and penalties for unscrupulous operators to protect older people and other concession card holders considering taking out reverse mortgages.

16. Outline plans to reduce the impact of the GST on all income support recipients and introduce a fair pricing policy for goods and services.

17. Introduce a new and expanded 4-year National Partnership Agreement on Concessions for Pensioners including for all utilities, public transport, motor vehicle registration, council rates and a broadband supplement or applied to to applicable hardware purchases of $40/month.

18. Reform the tax system for a fairer one including closing superannuation tax concession loopholes e.g. taxing all super pensions at 15% rather than zero and cutting maximum pre-tax contributions to $11,000 from the current $25,000.

19. Ensure these superannuation reforms reduce those ordinary default members' account fees and that such fees are invested in MySuper default products.

20. Increase the low income superannuation contribution payment up to $1,000 to assist low-income earners save towards retirement.


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