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To: Mayor David O'Loughlin , ALGA President

Family violence leave should be available to everyone, regardless of employer

Please support the inclusion of Family Violence Leave in the National Employment Standards (NES) at the next Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

Why is this important?

The ASU and Victorian councils have shown real leadership on this issue recognising the importance of workplace based strategies to assist victims of family violence, 73 have a Family Violence clause in their agreement.

However, there are many employees in this country not covered by agreements whose only hope of receiving any support from their employer is if Family Violence Leave is made available through the NES. I call on you to support victims of family violence to ensure that they can maintain their employment which is critical to putting the violence behind them and rebuilding their lives.

A Family Violence Clause recognises that employees experiencing violence often need paid leave from their employment to keep themselves and their families safe. We know there are colleagues in our workforce that could need this leave to flee or take action to protect themselves. We are a better workforce and community when we support these people, usually women, without compromising their employment and economic security.


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Thank you for supporting our campaign. Now that you have signed our petition please consider supporting the Australian Unions petition on this important issue here:

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