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To: Companies and Government

Paid Pandemic Leave for Workers in Meat and Associated Industries in Newcastle and Northern Area

We require paid pandemic leave to protect the Essential Workers in the red and white meat sector, milk and ice cream manufacturing and food delivery/cold storage.

We are asking for:
- Improved social distancing and protective hygiene in our work places

- 2 days paid leave if a member is required to test for COVID-19

- 2 weeks paid leave if a member or someone in their household tests positive for COVID-19

-2 weeks paid leave if a facility is shut down due to an outbreak of COVID-19

Why is this important?

We have already seen in Victoria and the United States that Meat Processing Facilities and related industries can be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreak.

Our working environments are fast paced, indoors and require close contact with other workers, placing us at high risk. As Essential Workers we must continue to do this work in order to provide food to the people of Australia.

We need YOUR SUPPORT to lobby our Employers and the Government to provide paid pandemic leave NOW.


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