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To: Central Coast Council

Footpaths for Kids - Warnervale P.S.

Complete the footpaths on the southern side of Warnervale Road at Hamlyn Terrace .

Why is this important?

Children living in estates at the south eastern end of Warnervale road, bounded by Sparks Road, Old Pacific Highway, and the Wyong Hospital, do not have access to safe footpaths to walk to school. Nor is there a safe place for children to cross Warnervale Road to the fully completed footpath on the northern side of Warnervale road.

With all of the development occurring in the area, there are fully laden trucks, including B Doubles, using Warnervale road in addition to the local traffic. It is just not safe for our children to get to school on their own.

We want Central Coast Council to make the safety of our children a priority and complete the footpath.


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