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To: Harry Poeltl, Site Leader, Freshfood Management Services

FRESHFOOD MANAGEMENT: Stop locking out your workers & give them a fair deal!

Workers at coffee Freshfood Management Services have been locked out by their employer for the second time during a dispute over a fair EBA.

These essential coffee workers toiled throughout the pandemic to deliver for their employer, but have been treated with total disrespect during their industrial dispute. The workers produce the coffee for Bushells and The House of Robert Timms coffee.

United Workers Union members are proud to stand with AWMU and ETU members in fighting for a fair deal for workers on this site.

Why is this important?

Workers were only enacting overtime bans during the dispute in order to win a fair deal. But in response, the company took the extraordinary measure of locking workers out for multiple days without pay. When the company still didn’t address workers' concerns around personal leave, the workers took a day of strike action and now the company locked workers out again!

We’re calling on the company to stop their unfair lockout immediately, allow workers to return to work, and address workers' concerns about personal leave - which they need to keep themselves and their families safe.

Concord NSW 2137, Australia

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