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To: Fair Work Commission

Frontline community & disability workers deserve a 5% pay rise

The Australian Services Union is calling for a 5% wage increase for frontline community and disability workers, through the Annual Wage Review process. With living costs escalating, wages should not just meet basic needs but also provide security for the future, reflecting the crucial work they do.

Why is this important?

Only 7% of community and disability workers told us that their wages are keeping pace with the cost-of-living.

Every day, you make life better for the most vulnerable in our communities, and it's only right that your wages acknowledge the dignity and respect you extend to others.

Your dedication ensures that support reaches the most in need. Yet, for too long, this skilled and essential work has been undervalued. Without a significant pay rise this year, the gap between wages of frontline workers and the cost of living will continue to widen.

Last year, action led to significant wage increases. Now, as we approach this year's Annual Wage Review, your support is crucial. Together, we have the power to make a difference. You deserve a career that offers both respect and security, with wages that reflect your skills and dedication.

Sign the petition now for a 5% pay rise. It’s time for wages that truly recognise the vital contribution you make every day.

Community and disability workers deserve better. Stand with us for fair pay.



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