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To: Federal Senator Anne Ruston and NSW MP Gareth Ward

URGENT: Fund Our Community Services

Don't leave Community Services behind!

The NSW and Federal Government must pay their fair share and make sure our community sector doesn’t go backwards.

An expert Fair Work Commission has said that community sector workers need a 1.75% pay rise from 1 July 2020.

State and Federal Governments must provide an increase in funding to community services to meet the wage increase. They must pay their fair share.

Why is this important?

After 12 months of drought, floods, fires and pandemic our community services are needed more than ever. We cannot afford a cut to our sector, we cannot go backwards. We are busier and working harder than ever.

The sector has been agile, resourceful, and dedicated. Our services support the most vulnerable members of the community – and in extremely challenging times we have been there for the community.

If services do not receive sufficient funding indexation urgently it will have a detrimental impact on their ability to deliver services to the community. We can't afford to be overlooked again.



2020-07-07 09:13:06 +1000

WE DID IT! The NSW Government will increase funding to community services to ensure workers get the 1.75% wage increase you are entitled to.

This is fantastic news for NSW Government-funded organisations and programs, but we must keep up the pressure on the Federal Government.

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