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To: Minister Elise Archer

Fund the completion of Workers' Memorial Park

Unions Tasmania

The Workers' Memorial Park was intended to be a place of reflection, a place where families, workmates and friends of those killed at work could go to remember their loved ones who didn't come home.

It would also serve as a permanent reminder to the community of the deadly consequences when workplaces don’t put safety first.

We are calling on Minister Archer, as the minister responsible for workplace health and safety in Tasmania, and the Gutwein Liberal Government to finally fund the completion of the Park.

Why is this important?

Every worker deserves to come home from work, safe and well. But too many Tasmanian workers get injured on the job or worse – they never make it home.

The Workers' Memorial Park was opened in 2011 following the work of a small but dedicated committee including unions, local government, the safety regulator and family members who had lost a loved one at work. There is no other dedicated place of remembrance for workers killed on the job in Tasmania.

But the park was never fully completed to its original design.

At Unions Tasmania, workplace safety is our #1 priority. The Park is an opportunity to show respect to families left behind and offers an opportunity to educate the community on the need to take safety at work seriously. The Government needs to step up and finally fund the completion of the Park.

Tasmania, Australia

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