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To: General Pants Co.

General Pants Co.: Opt us into JobKeeper

Young Workers Centre

I've worked at General Pants Co. as a casual for almost 5 years.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit my shifts dried up. I asked about the JobKeeper wage subsidy. Despite working for General Pants Co. for almost 5 years they are claiming that I am not a 'regular and systematic employee' and therefore, not eligible for JobKeeper.

This is nonsense. I have had a clear pattern of employment and consistent shifts. When I have had time off it was approved leave to visit family overseas in Lebanon or to study for exams. Everyone is entitled to time off.

General Pants Co. must review their decision and include myself and lots of other casual workers in the JobKeeper scheme so we can get through this tough time.

Why is this important?

Young, casual workers are too often exploited. This is a company wide issue impacting 100's of casuals workers, many of whom are young.

This is a common story, a few weeks ago we heard a similar story from Cotton On workers and now I'm telling you about my experience at General Pants Co.

Sadly young workers are missing out on the JobKeeper payment that is designed to help workers like us through this health crisis. We need this money to pay our bills. Young workers are hanging on by a thread. I'm calling on General Pants Co. to opt us into the JobKeeper wage subsidy.

Please send a message to that this is not on.




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