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To: Ms. Tina Sun , Hungry Panda

Get real HungryPanda!

HungryPanda riders like Zhuoying deserve to be treated fairly and should not have to fear that they will be targeted for simply standing up for their rights. The shameful treatment of other Hungry Panda workers like Zhuoying has to end today.

Why is this important?

Every worker in Australia needs to be safe at work and earn reasonable wages - no exceptions.

When workers bravely stand up against unfair and unsafe work practices, businesses should listen - not dismiss them!

As fellow workers in transport, hospitality, and all other sectors, we commend Zhuoying's brave stand. We demand Hungry Panda reinstate her shifts and listen to the workers who have built the company's wealth!



2024-03-26 07:13:47 +1100

5,000 signatures reached