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To: Grill'd

Hey Grill'd, You're Cooked!

We took Grill'd on and we won!

Almost 5,000 petition signatures, hundreds of messages of support, protests and TV coverage - it all made a difference.

Grill'd have committed to ensuring that every single worker, whether part-time, full-time or casual, completes their training within a reasonable time frame. No more dodgy tactics to underpay workers, no more delaying accreditation.

We want Grill'd to stop the scam!

- Stop using traineeships as an excuse to commit wage theft against young workers

- Schedule regular training sessions, allowing their staff to complete courses in a reasonable amount of time

- Publicly apologise for continuing to use strategies that exploit young workers

Why is this important?

I work at a Grill'd store in Melbourne. It's company-owned, and they're STILL using traineeships to commit wage theft.

They sign up young workers to complete hospitality certificates, but prevent them from completing their qualifications by refusing to schedule training sessions. This strategy is a scam. It rips us off, denying us fair pay and the training we're promised.

Grill'd have shown time and time again they will do whatever it takes to make a profit from exploiting workers. This strategy means no qualification, no bonus, no career progression - it's a scam.

It's not the first time Grill'd have been caught out ripping off young workers. A year ago they were exposed by workers for using WorkChoices era collective agreements to commit wage theft. Since then, Grill'd have been grilled (pun intended) by the media and instituted a new collective agreement.

Problem solved, right? Wrong.

Grill'd reckon they're "good for the community" - they should start acting like it.





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5,000 signatures reached

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Make sure to watch A Current Affair at 7pm TONIGHT to see coverage of young workers taking on Grill'd over unfair traineeships!

2016-11-29 14:13:58 +1100

40 activists hit Grill'd Carlton yesterday to talk to the public about the issues facing workers - and guess what? The public overwhelming voted for fair pay, respect, and legit traineeships for Grill'd workers! Check out the photos:

2016-11-23 12:12:58 +1100

Have you worked at Grill'd? Do you currently work at Grill'd? We'd love to have a chat to you about your experiences. Check out our survey here:

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