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To: Grill'd Burgers

Stop using dodgy traineeships to screw young workers

I am 23 and I’ve worked at Grill’d for the last two years and I get paid just $18.50 per hour. I work evenings and almost every weekend but I don’t get penalty rates.

One of the reasons I’m paid so little is because Grill’d pressured me to do a dodgy traineeship. It’s just an excuse to pay me trainee wages.

These traineeships are a joke. The “skills” you’re taught are basic things you’re already learning on the job, like how to clean up the store at the end of a shift. But if you don’t do the traineeship, you don’t get to work at Grill’d.

These traineeships drag on for years because you have to do most of the “study” in your own time.

The other reason we’re paid so little is because they have a dodgy workplace agreement that ripped away our penalty rates and has no pay rises. Sometimes I’m so broke I have to skip meals or just have a piece of fruit for lunch or dinner.

Grill’d is so big and so successful. It says community matters. So why can’t they pay us a fair and decent wage?

Why is this important?

Workers at Grill’d are sick of scraping by while our hugely successful employer is busy building a global empire. Grill’d employs about 4000 workers around the country across 140 stores, and aims to hit an annual turnover of $1 billion in the next few years.

They've tried to build their image as an ethical, community-minded business. But they don’t even pay penalty rates for working on weekends or public holidays, and they're pressuring us to do dodgy traineeships so they can pay us even less.

We demand Grill’d restore full Award penalty rates. We demand Grill’d stop using dodgy traineeships to screw its workers even more.

And we want an independent audit to ensure Grill’d is not abusing the traineeship system. Grill’d must abide by the industry standard that trainees get a minimum of twenty percent of work time to complete the traineeship.




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