To: Salon Owner Group - Hair and Beauty Association

Hair stylists need a pay cut like a hole in the head!

Hairdressers need a pay cut like a hole in the head!

Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA, a salon owner group) want to cut Sunday and Public Holiday rates for full-time, part-time and casual hairdressers.

They are proposing to cut Sunday pay from double time to time and a half, and Public Holiday pay from double time and a half to double and a quarter.
Hairdressers are already one of the lowest paid trades.

We’ve seen Sunday and public holiday pay cuts for people who work in shops, pharmacies, bars and cafés, and now we’re next on the list.

Our message to HABA : If you want hairdressers to work on Sunday’s and Public Holidays – don’t pay us less!

Why is this important?

Hairdressing is already one of the lowest paid trades. This proposal by HABA would be a kick in the guts hairdressers just don’t need, particularly when pay is already so low.

HABA is a powerful lobby group that represent salon owners. It’s time hairdressers made their voice heard! Make your voice count and sign this petition.

Reasons for signing

  • Don't you bloody dare slash penalty rates from the hardworkers of the hair and beauty industry, just for the thought I wish you a lifetime of terrible cuts and colours.
  • Apprenticeship wages are dreadful . Now the politicians get a pay rise and take dollars of the little guy. Totally unfair 😡