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To: Cbus

Hands Off our Health & Wellbeing Allowance

Because Cbus did as we told them, which they should have bloody done in the first place :)

Cbus recently announced unilateral policy changes to how we can and can't use our Health & Well Being Allowance.

Without consultation, Cbus has decided that we can no longer claim our allowance for money spent on things like exercise clothes, running shoes and sports equipment - and that non-permanent staff are now completely excluded from the allowance.

These changes make no sense and were implemented without consultation. Not everyone goes to the gym to support their wellbeing - some of us walk, run or play sport in our communities!

Cbus should immediately reinstate a fair and reasonable policy in consultation with employees that allows us to use our Health & Well Being Allowance for its intended purpose - to support our health and wellbeing!

Why is this important?

Our Health & Well Being Allowance is one of the many entitlements included in our union-negotiated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

We negotiated and won this entitlement as union members to help pay for the things that protect and improve our mental and physical health. But now Cbus has suddenly decided to make unilateral changes to what should and should not be claimed under this allowance.

This allowance is not a gift - it's an entitlement.

Everyone at Cbus should be able to use their allowance for its intended purpose, whether they improve their health by going to the gym, walk in the park or play sport in their community.

CBUS have said that these changes were made in order to prevent improper claims under the allowance – but these changes go much further than that, and were made without consulting your union representatives.

Entitlements like this, and respectful engagement with our union is what makes CBUS such a great place to work, we urge CBUS to engage constructively with us over the policy that governs proper use of OUR entitlements.


Reasons for signing

  • Any changes to policy should have been communicated to all staff via email, publication on intranet and the All Staff Meeting. For this change to Health, and Well-being allowance policy, we had to hear it from people leader and then business unit meeting. Communication is important especially when we are working remotely and for some states, in lockdown.
  • While it remains uncertain when Covid will be over, it is unreasonable to expect employees to use gyms. I exercise on my own around my apartment and in park, and at my own pace. Changing the company policy of what can be covered by H&W allowance, suggest that HR does not know how most of us take care of our health. I cook healthy meals and does not think any need to subscribe to memberships like JennyCraig.
  • Wrist devices are moving toward being valuable medical data repositories that could be used to give doctors insights and history not elsewhere available as they evolve into measuring BPM, VO2 uptake, blood pressure, sleep and stress patterns, and so on. Early detection may be assisted through these measurements, and these should come under H&WB allowance.


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