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To: Cbus

Hands off our RDOs!

Our working conditions, including RDOs, are one of the best things about working at Cbus. They were negotiated by our union for all of us.

Management's proposal to remove RDOs from our agreement for new employees is completely unfair.

Rather than press try to remove RDOs, management should acknowledge our concerns by extending the right to RDOs to all staff!

Why is this important?

Cutting RDOs from new employees would create a second class of employees who will have limited access to our union-won entitlements. We should not be asked to sell out our future colleagues who cannot vote on this agreement.

We are deeply concerned about what this divisive proposal signals for the future of the fund. RDOs are a fantastic entitlement and contribute to the positive workplace culture that makes Cbus so good - for employees and fund members.


Reasons for signing

  • History shows that once you forego postive work conditions you lose them for perpetuity - do not let this happen at Cbus
  • It's important to defend what we have and seek to improve our conditions. Not go backwards.
  • Once RDO's are removed for new staff to the fund and there is an imbalance of equal working conditions amongst all staff, Cbus will look to do away with them altogether.


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