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To: Premier Will Hodgman, MHA

Hands Off Tasmanian Public Holidays

Rule out any cuts to public holidays for anyone in any region of Tasmania and commit to genuine consultation with unions, workers and the community on any review of public holidays in our State.

Why is this important?

Public holidays have immense social value. In an increasingly busy world where workers are working more and more hours, public holidays are more important than ever.

We all need the chance to rest and have time with our families and friends.
Tasmanian workers are now the lowest paid in the country, and we have less full day state wide public holidays than a number of other states and territories.

But the Hodgman Liberal Government has recently proposed cutting some public holidays from Tasmanian public sector workers. They are also conducting a review in apparent secrecy with no consultation with unions or workers.

Any review of Tasmanian public holidays must not result in a loss of public holidays for workers in any part of the State. A genuine review of public holidays should look at all options including whether we have enough public holidays and what is in the best interests of workers.


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