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To: Minister Richard Wynne

Help End the Housing Crisis in Victoria- Legislate for Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning

Join the movement to urge the state government to bring in mandatory inclusionary zoning to help increase affordable housing in our state and reduce homelessness.

Mandatory inclusionary zoning is a planning intervention by the government which makes it compulsory for new developments to include a level of affordable housing properties, including public and community housing.

Through state legislation, all developers would have to include a level of social housing in their developments in order to get planning approval, this guarantees new social housing wherever there is population growth.

We are calling on the Victorian Labor Party to legislate for mandatory inclusionary zoning in this term of government.

Why is this important?

Access to a safe, sustainable and affordable housing is a growing problem across Victoria and Australia.

More than half of Australia’s low-income renters are now paying so much for a roof over their heads that they can’t afford basic essentials like food and clothing and it is only getting worse. Poverty is increasing with fewer people being able to afford private rentals. Women and children fleeing family violence, young people are among those who find it most tough to access affordable rentals.

There are currently over 50,000 applications (over 100,000 people) on Victoria’s social housing waiting list. According to census data between 2006 and 2016 homelessness in Victoria rose by 43 per cent.

Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning is a long term solution that ensures social housing is baked into the planning of our cities and suburbs.

Victoria, Australia

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