To: Georges River Council

Help us protect childcare services at Georges River Council

The disastrous decision of the Councillors to request a 12 month review into the salaries and job numbers GRC, makes the staffing of the Council an election issue, with the election in September.

It has been suggested that Children Services is non-essential service. It is simple. Removal of the Council in the provision for Childcare for the Georges River Council will result in the following;


This proposal will also make it harder for parents to return to work from their caring responsibilities. Further this will have a real and direct affect on the ability of women in the community to return to work and it will contribute to the growth of the Gender Pay Gap.

This example also highlights the problem with a proposed 12 month review with the election in September. This gives every Tom, Dick and Harry an opportunity to give their opinion about the services and size of Council which will only contribute to deterioration of staff’s mental health.

Let’s be clear - the USU stands with all residents and staff of GRC who rely on the Council to provide affordable, accessible and excellent Childcare.

Why is this important?

It's important because we want childcare services to continue to be operated by council.

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