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To: Torrens Transit

Improve our bus network

The Adelaide Bus Network is in crisis and drivers are leaving the industry in droves. Pressure on the road is increasing, work/life balance is deteriorating and safety across the network is at crisis point.

Drivers working for Australian bus service operator Torrens Transit are currently fighting for a fair Enterprise Agreement that will help attract and retain drivers, improve conditions and lift standards across the industry.

Why is this important?

Bus drivers are currently working under immense pressure and poor conditions. They deserve decent conditions, fair pay and to return home safely to their families at the end of the day.

Torrens Transit services over 80% of the bus network across Adelaide and the power they hold within the network is immense. Right now, Torrens Transit have a choice: will they be part of the solution and help turn our industry around? Or will they continue to drag their heels in the sand and hang their drivers out to dry?

We need to get behind our hardworking bus drivers and let Torrens Transit know we support our drivers in their fight for a fair deal and a better bus industry!

This is Our Public Transport Network. It's time to take a stand and turn it around. We must insist that it works for our community and for the people who keep the bus network running - our hardworking drivers.

Adelaide SA, Australia

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