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To: Dominic Perrottet

Invest in Essential Workers: Grow the Workforce, Pay Rises, and Secure Jobs

The latest research shows the average public sector will be $2880 worse off over the next three years. Staff shortages are already rising. If the NSW Government doesn't provide decent careers in essential work, we won't receive high quality public services. The people of NSW call on Perrottet to act.

After two years of the pandemic, essential workers are tired and worn down. Pay, conditions and job security are falling.

High quality services require the people to deliver them. The NSW Government must act:
• Invest in public services by growing the workforce, ending the overwork and understaffing.
• Abolish unfair pay caps and lifts wages to keep up with the cost of living. Lifting wages will attract more workers to essential work, increase the reputation of essential work as providing a good and decent career, and lift the quality of public services as morale increases.
• Create more secure jobs in essential services. It is illogical that all workers in essential services are not offered full time permanent roles.
• Stop privatisation and ensure same-job same-pay in Government contracts. This will stop a race to the bottom where business compete on lower wages with insecure work. They do this to make their services cheaper to win Government contracts.

NSW is already falling behind, we must act urgently.

Why is this important?

Without high quality schools, TAFEs, hospitals, transport and essential services our state will go backwards. But high quality services require good quality jobs and the NSW Government just isn't providing them. More buildings won't fix this. Ambulance ramping times are increasing, there are critical staff shortages across our health system and there is critical shortages of teachers, especially in STEM areas which Australia’s economic future relies on.

New South Wales, Australia

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