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To: The Fair Work Commission

It's time for a 5% pay rise - workers are feeling the squeeze!

ASU members campaigned and won a 3.75% pay rise for almost 3 million workers.

On 3 June 2024, the Fair Work Commission announced a 3.75% increase in Modern Award Rates and an 3.75% boost to the National Minimum Wage, effective from 1 July 2024.

This is a huge win in the face of relentless campaigning from big business to limit pay increases to 2%. It’s down to union members that we have achieved an increase this year – we're standing up for workers!

We're calling for a significant wage increase to address the cost-of-living for all workers. Australian Services Union members are pushing for a 5% wage increase through the Annual Wage Review, aiming for wages that don't just cover the basics but also allow workers to save. It's time for a genuine pay rise.

Why is this important?

Everywhere you look, essentials like groceries, fuel, and housing prices just keep rising but our wages haven’t kept pace.

Have you been feeling the squeeze? You're not alone. Our recent survey told us that 94% of workers in professional admin roles feel that their wages leave them behind in relation to the cost-of-living.

Every worker deserves a job that provides not just for the present but also provides security for the future.
Without a significant pay rise this year, we'll see wages slip even further behind. The Annual Wage Review is on the horizon, where wages for millions of Australian workers are determined. It’s the ONLY guaranteed wage increase in the economy.

The ASU is standing up as your voice for better wages. It's through our collective strength as union members that we've seen real wins. Last year we secured an 8.6% increase for minimum wage workers and a 5.75% boost for those on Award wages.

This year, it’s still just as important and your support is crucial. Together, we've proven we can make a difference. Union members typically earn up to 32% more than non-members, a testament to the power of collective action in negotiating better pay and conditions.
Join us as we gear up for the 2024 Annual Wage Review.

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