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To: Australian Labor Party

It's Time to Bind!

The Australian Labor Party is a party of collective action which binds elected members on nearly all state and national policy - except when it comes to women's reproductive rights.

The free vote prevents Labor from uniting to protect and advance reproductive health care.

Labor must bind its members elected to public office to its platforms on reproductive health by removing the National Platform's conscience vote on abortion.

I support legal, safe, affordable, accessible abortion. A vote for Labor must be a vote for women.

Why is this important?

One third of all women and people with reproductive abilities in Australia will have an abortion in their lifetime, and over 80 per cent of Australians believe that women should have the right to choose.

Access to abortion is vital to our communities, and remains one of the single greatest ways to reduce the economic and social inequality Labor aims to address.

If members of parliament truly wish to serve their communities, they should support legal, safe, affordable, accessible abortion services.

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  • Because every woman should have absolute autonomy over her own body and reproductive function. No question.


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