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To: IKON Services Australia - Managing Director George Tahan

Justice for Melbourne Airport cleaners!

Melbourne Airport cleaners employed by IKON have had enough.

Cleaners work back-breaking shifts and are paid poverty wages, while IKON and Melbourne Airport makes mega profits.

IKON Cleaners have reported:

• Wage theft
• Being forced to clean the toilets of the opposite gender while the bathrooms are left open to the public
• Being bullied and intimidated by managers (including being shouted at in front of the travelling public)
• Individual cleaners having to do the work of two or three cleaners because of chronic understaffing
• Unsafe work practices due to a lack of equipment, unreasonable workloads, and lack of care from management (including injured workers not being sent home)
• Racism in the workplace (including mangers blaming low wages on specific races)
• Intimidation and union-busting tactics

IKON managers are even lying to cleaners to protect their profits, telling workers that demands for fair treatment would come at the cost of their jobs.

Why is this important?

Cleaners have had enough. They want IKON to come to the bargaining table now and start treating their workers with respect.

But IKON is refusing to bargain.

Sign the petition today to call for justice for Melbourne Airport cleaners!

-Melbourne Airport cleaners employed by IKON
Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia

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