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To: Dan Tehan

Keep apprentices on the tools

Right now, the organisation that gives advice to the government on apprenticeships, the Australian Industry Skills Commission, wants to strip on the job learning out of apprenticeships.

This would mean that tradespeople could finish their apprenticeship without ever touching a tool.

It’s the skills you pick up on the job that turn you from a student into a tradesperson.

And it’s the skills you pick up on the job that help you to do your work safely, something that’s important for not just tradespeople, but for everyone working around them.

We are calling on the Government and the AISC to protect our apprenticeships and keep apprentices on the tools.

Why is this important?

As an apprentice, I spend one day a week at TAFE and the other four days learning on the job.

I can't imagine what an apprenticeship would be like without on the job training.

Stripping away on the job training would be disastrous for our skilled tradespeople.

We are calling on the Government to commit to keeping on the job training for all apprenticeships.

Reasons for signing

  • A 4 year structured apprenticeship in a unionised shop gave me the skills base required to work in my trade for my whole working life. Now nearing retirement we don't want to see any watering down of apprenticeships.
  • I can honestly say that practically nothing I learnt at trade school has served me in my 40 odd years as a maintenance fitter. It was 100% on the job training that prepared me for life as a tradesman.
  • how can you be a tradesman if you don't know how to use and maintain the tools of that trade, only be imported tradies soon


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