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To: Council Officers and the CEO of Darebin Council

Let's get a bin for Storey Rd Reserve, Reservoir 3073

This campaign has ended.

We, would like the Council Officers and the CEO of Darebin Council to take action regarding a pressing public health and environmental issue in Storey Road Reserve, Reservoir 3073 and install bins and dog waste bags.
We invite all residents to join us by signing this petition. Together, we can urge the Darebin Council to take swift action for the betterment of our community and provide us with bin facilities to stop the degradation of the park.

Why is this important?

Storey Road Reserve is a gathering place for a diverse range of community members including; older people, local children and families, couples and singles who all rely on the park for active movement, greenspace and social connection. It's also a pocket of habitat for local wildlife in a built-up suburb.
We face a public health and environmental threat due to the absence of public bins. It has led to an alarming increase in the improper disposal of waste, particularly bags of dog excrement. This situation detracts from our park's ability to be a calming green and clean space and poses a health risk. The presence of dog waste is not just unsightly; it’s a source of contamination and potential spread of diseases, which could particularly affect the young children who play in the park and community members who are immunocompromised or elderly. In addition littering of sharp waste has been observed which could cause injury and illness. Plastic waste is often dumped and this causes death and injury to local wildlife. In the interest of public health, environmental cleanliness, and community well-being, we urge the Darebin Council to install public bins in Storey Road Reserve in the next budget. We believe installing bins will encourage responsible waste disposal, thus preserving the park's hygiene, amenity and improving social behaviour. It also aligns with our community's environmental stewardship and public health values.

How it will be delivered

As concerned community members, we are ready to support and collaborate with the council in any way necessary to expedite this process. We will print and deliver this petition and request that this matter be addressed in a council meeting.

Storey Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073, Australia

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