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To: The Hon. Andrew Constance MP, NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

Macquarie Uni Station Closing - Keep MQ Connected

This campaign has ended.

The NSW Government is shutting down Macquarie University Station as part of the major works required to separate the Epping to Chatswood line from the rail network (and hand it over to a private company to operate using driverless trains!). With almost 3,000 employees at Macquarie Uni and roughly 38,000 students, the loss of this crucial transport hub is a significant concern.

Yet so far, members of the Macquarie University community affected by the closure are yet to see any detailed plans to reduce the impact of the railway closure.

We call upon the Minister to:
- Publicly announce the specific date when the Epping to Chatswood Line will close, and how long it will remain closed for.
- Release details of additional transport infrastructure/contingencies which will be put in place to deal with the congestion and inconvenience that will be caused by the line closing.

Why is this important?

Closing Macquarie University Station will create a public transport nightmare for the University and the broader Macquarie Park area, as there is a high reliance on rail, too few campus parking options and typically a major traffic gridlock on Epping road during peak hours.

Don’t let the NSW Government leave us in the dark about the Macquarie University Station closure. Sign the petition today.



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