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To: Dear UniSuper

Make Unisuper divest in Elbit Systems

Unisuper is investing in Elbit Systems; a company complicit in Israel’s apartheid regime contributes to prolonging Israel’s violent rule over Palestinians and comes with serious legal and moral concerns.

By investing with a company that works closely with that regime to produce weapons and repressive surveillance systems used against not only indigenous Palestinians but other oppressed communities around the world takes these concerns to an entirely different level.

Elbit's technologies is enabling repeated Israeli military assaults, including recent attacks, have killed at Palestinians, including children, and damaged infrastructure including homes and parts of Al Quds University.

It is widely known that Elbit Systems provides 85% of the military drones used by Israel in those assaults.

Unisuper know that drones, mostly supplied by Elbit Systems, killed 164 Palestinian children in Gaza in 2014 alone.

Unisuper know that during Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in May 2021, the Israeli Air Force dropped Elbit-produced MPR 500 bombs on Palestinian civilians.

We understand that it will be of little interest to Unisuper members that Elbit Systems also works on civilian uses. This does nothing to alleviate the moral and legal concerns.

Unisuper members know that Elbit Systems markets its weapons around the world, including to other oppressive regimes, as “battle-proven” and “field-tested.”

Today we are asking Unisuper to end its association with investment in Elbit.

Why is this important?

Unisuper members need to support divestment in businesses that are complicit in war crimes. Its our money being invested into supporting the killing of innocent people by Elbit Systems!


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