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To: The Government

Make Wage Theft A Crime Across Australia

Wage theft is rife across Australia, so workers are calling on Government to make it a crime.

Everyone deserves a job they can count on. And no-one deserves to have their hard-earned wages stolen by their boss.

The Government should protect all workers, and must make wage theft a crime punishable by a term of imprisonment, introduce fair fines, and create systems for quick and effective recovery of stolen wages.

Add your name and join the campaign to make wage theft a crime Australia-wide.

Why is this important?

Employers in every industry commit wage theft. Whether it’s stolen super, unpaid hours, penalty rates or overtime, if you show up, they should pay up.

Wage theft has become a business model – where the fines for stealing are less than the wages stolen! Without change to the law, employers will keep thieving over and over.

Currently, workers only have protection in Queensland and Victoria. All Australian workers should be protected from thieving bosses.



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