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To: Andrew Leigh, Alicia Payne, Katy Gallagher, Mike Kelly, David Smith, Zed Seselja, Andrew Braddock, Tim Hollo, Johnathan Davis, Penny Kyburz, Patrick McGinlay, Leanne Castley, Mina Zaki, Ed Cocks, Fiona Kotvajs, Anthony Pesec and Sophie Wade

Make Wage Theft an Election Issue in the ACT Region

This petition calls on candidates for the Federal Election to commit progressing changes to Wage Theft law if elected to Parliament, including:

- Criminalising the underpayment of workers
- Providing protections for workers who report their bosses for doing the wrong thing
- Restoring penalty rates that were cut under the Liberal Government
- Enabling workers to easily and quickly recover stolen wages
- Paying workers what they're worth by increasing the minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living

Why is this important?

This petition is being run by United Voice members in the ACT region. We are cleaners, security guards, early learning educators, and hospitality workers who need our federal politicians to represent low paid workers. We know what it's like to get underpaid and lodge a complaint, only to have our shifts cut, never recover stolen wages and see bosses go unpenalised.

The ACT may have the highest average income in Australia but workers all over our community are getting ripped off by bosses and need change. Our local candidates should commit to working on these issues before they seek our vote in May.



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