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To: Martin Zakharov, Mayor of Maribyrnong Council

Protect home support services

Maribyrnong City Council has decided to tender its home support services; in home care is the front line of the aged care system. It’s shocking to hear that Council has made this decision in the midst of an aged care crisis and without adequate community consultation, despite there being a requirement to consult with community about services Council provides under the Local Government Act.

As a resident I want you to reconsider this decision particularly in light of the current aged care crisis and the important role home care has in the aged care system in delaying and preventing entry into residential aged care.

The high degree of uncertainty about deregulation and capacity to review the aged care system through the Royal Commission provides Council with an excellent opportunity to reconsider or defer their outsourcing decision and engage in a proper consultation to determine the public interest in this important aspect of Council services.

Why is this important?

There are approximately 19,000 Victorians in receipt of aged care packages and more than 14,500 on waiting lists, many of whom will be in receipt of Council delivered Home Care. Council’s withdrawal from home support services will impact on these individuals and their families increasing system fragmentation and uncertainty.


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