To: NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner

More parking for RPA hospital staff!

We want the NSW government to step in and make a difference for workers at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, who are currently struggling to find adequate parking close to work. The private company that runs two car parks at RPA doubled the daily car parking rate overnight and plan on slashing more than half of the 1200 staff parking spaces affecting up to 2000 workers a day. This is resulting in enormous stress and anxiety for RPA’s dedicated health workers. Many are even considering finding employment elsewhere because it has become such a nightmare. The closest public transport is up to three kilometres away and this is not an option for many shift workers because of the unsociable hours they often work.

Why is this important?

Our health workers are the backbone of our hospital system but changes to staff parking at RPA is making it harder for employees to get to work every day to provide the excellent service we are all used to.
NSW Health has caused chaos for staff by implementing changes to car parks that are already heavily used by hospital users, university students and those who use local businesses.
It’s bad enough that NSW Health is slugging the public with exorbitant parking fees, but now they want to push staff out so they can raise even more revenue.
Instead of trying to rip off the public with huge parking fees, Jillian Skinner should be finding ways to support long-suffering employees.
We are calling on the Baird Government to instruct the Local Health District to reverse its unfair parking decision.
It is clear that this is another mean decision from a government that puts dollars and budgets before patients and staff.