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To: Scott Morrison

More super yacht mooring

Billionaire Gina Rinehart has pleaded with Queensland’s top political leaders to construct more facilities to moor yachts to “enable standards of living to rise”.

“These super yachts need marinas too — sadly lacking for vessels over 50m.

“It’s time for more marinas large enough to cater, not only for small and medium yachts, but larger ones too.”

My heart bleeds for Gina. Sure, 290,000 Australians are homeless. And sure, your average Australian worker is working harder and longer for less disposable income and is mostly denied job security, sick pay, or annual leave. And sure, we're still in the midst of a deadly pandemic where our front-line workers are facing unprecedented challenges.

But when is somebody going to step up and tackle the big issues in Australia???

Now, is Gina Rinehart rich enough to simply buy or build her own super yacht mooring facilities? Absolutely. But this is about AUSTRALIA. What good does it do the average punter if they can't moor their 50-foot yacht in a publicly subsidised facility?

Why is this important?

Luckily, in Scott Morrison we have a true champion of the super-yachting-community. Scott. Sco-Mo. Maaaate. What's a few million bucks of Australians' taxes between friends? Especially since you know we have your back at the next election.


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We wish this wasn't a real campaign, but it kinda is.